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Mayhem from the left

Dear Editor,

Defunding and dismantling the police that protect us cannot be allowed to continue; there are citizens who are caught in the middle of areas of unrest struggling to survive. They have no recourse except to stay where they are and hope that they can stay safe.

Unfortunately, several innocent adults and children have not been able to survive this mayhem.

Many people blame President Donald Trump for sending federal agents to uphold the law where the leftist mayors have allowed chaos to reign. He gave the mayors and governors several days to fix the problems, but after their neglect to do so, it was up to the federal government to do what those cities’ leaders could or would not do.

The citizens of these areas deserve protection, along with the federal buildings w/occupants that are being besieged. Fake news denies or downplays these occurrences. Unbelievable! On top of this chaos those cities will need to be rebuilt and where will the money come from?

We, as taxpayers, will be paying for the carnage that the unlawful protesters created.

Joe Biden appears to have some problems in his ability to speak and inform others of his thoughts. Fox News wanted to interview him, and he was not available at the time. Will he ever be available? Will he actually debate Donald Trump? Would he be a figurehead president with the strings of his authority being pulled by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or any other leader in their party? The American people want, need, and deserve to know the answers to those questions.

The Democrats are trying to make this a socialist country and have been succeeding little by little for years. On Nov. 3 we determine if democracy or socialism will be our system of government. Every citizen needs to make his or her voice known.

Norma Bankoske,


Praise for manufacturers

Dear Editor,

Throughout history, Pennsylvania manufacturers have consistently driven our nation to triumph over its adversaries, including during World War I and II.

The COVID-19 pandemic caught all communities off-guard, and while healthcare providers and others served as front-line fighters, the critical role of Pennsylvania’s manufacturers should also be recognized. Throughout the pandemic, more than 8,200 Pennsylvania manufacturers and their 370,000 employees remained operational and continued to produce goods that our domestic economy and citizens needed to remain viable.

Our food, beverage, paper, plastic packaging and chemical plants kept products on store shelves while our advanced electronics, HVAC equipment, medical device, aerospace parts, machine parts and forging facilities continued to produce goods essential to our everyday lives. Many small and mid-sized manufacturers quickly transitioned to produce medical supplies and products needed for the fight against COVID-19. PA distilleries began producing hand sanitizer. Companies jumped into action by making several masks, face shields, gowns, social distancing stickers, protective dividers, and parts for ventilators.

While many manufacturers modified their processes and production lines, others already in the medical device supply chain increased their output to meet demand. As manufacturers transition to full operations, it’s time to ensure this sector has resources it needs to fully recover and thrive.

A strong commitment from legislators will undoubtedly yield a high return. Since 1988, the Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Centers have served small and mid-sized manufacturers with services and expertise, and we are there for them now to help recovery. The time to further bolster the strength, resiliency and long-term viability of our regional manufacturers is now.

Robert Zaruta,


CEO/President, Northwest Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center


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