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Pride in Warren

Dear Editor,

When I read the article “First-ever Pride Day held in Warren” it was clear to me that there are so many caring people in Warren.

We should always treat one another with kindness and understanding. It is true we must not be judgmental, which is characterized by a tendency to judge harshly; but judge we must.

God gave us the natural laws when He created humans and later the moral laws by means of Ten Commandments. Because of His infinite love for us, He wished to protect us by guiding our judgment enabling us to do good and avoid evil. We must judge our own actions and sometimes it is necessary to judge the actions of others. But we must not judge the motives of others. That is God’s job; not ours.

Nothing is a greater act of charity than to proclaim truth. Everyone deserves the truth. We must all embrace the truth, share the truth and defend the truth.

We must not, however, enable others in breaking the natural and moral laws. Only love and God and obedience to His laws will bring true happiness. Let us help our neighbor with truth, kindness and prayer.

Kathleen Jaynes,


America’s battleground

Dear Editor,

I wanted to comment on the present situation in our country. It’s obvious that the U.S. is under siege as thousands have taken to the streets, some to protest, but many others to pillage and burn. Some radical organizations as are sworn to a “fundamental transformation” of America.

Our constitutional Republic is in danger of being destroyed and replaced with an oppressive socialist regime; and this with the approval of many of our politicians. Those sounding a warning are being labeled “racists” or “white supremacists.” Their families are threatened, their careers terminated, their lives destroyed.

It’s no secret that when socialists or communists take over a country they attempt to create divisions in the population. Rich are pitted against poor, gender against gender, race against race; the list is endless and always leads to societal collapse.

In terms of the past, no other country on earth has made such efforts to end racism than the United States. Living up to the high aspirations of our founding documents has been an arduous process, including a horrific Civil War, and the courage and suffering of the Civil Rights Movement.

In addition to civil unrest, our nation is still grappling with the effects of coronavirus.! Despite the low death rate, legitimate questions about the actual number of deaths, the effectiveness of wearing masks, or a 98% recovery rate. Our economy is still crippled. After five months, millions are still being denied their right to work, attend outdoor activities or even go to church in many areas. Our Founding Fathers would be horrified.

At the same time, the Secretary General of the United Nations is saying that the world’s problems are too great for any single government to solve and is calling for a “world governance,” or “New Socialist Order.” This idea is being parroted by former British prime ministers, several tech giants, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and many politicians in America. It is their “selfless” ambition to make life “fair and equal” for everyone. Every communist dictator in history has mouthed the same promises.

Considering today’s technology, the international push toward totalitarian rule, the numerous prophetic signs; are we approaching that infamous system of control detailed in the book of Revelation, where if you don’t comply with the State, you don’t “buy or sell?” Are we seeing the final version of the “Tower of Babel” being constructed before our very eyes! Now is not the time for Christians to stay silent, but to seek God and stand for truth!

John A. Peterson,

Chandlers Valley


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