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Trump in turmoil

Dear Editor,

Have you heard that Mitt Romney called out President Donald Trump’s commutation of Trump’s old time political ally, Roger Stone, as being “historic, unprecedented corruption.” Stone had been convicted of seven felony crimes relating to the Russia link during our 2016 Presidential campaign.

Have you heard Robert Mueller, Special Counsel for the Justice Department, 2017-2019, has written that “Stone remains a convicted felon, and rightly so.” Mueller, also, wrote, “Russia’s activities were a threat to America’s democracy and they needed investigated.” No hoax. Muller is, as is Romney, a member of the Republican Political Party.

Have you hard that others associated with the Republican Party have formed a political action committee called the Lincoln Project? These Republicans have had it with Trump and Trump-ism. Their goal is to prevent the re-election of Trump and his political legislative enablers; “to place patriotism over partisanship” and rid the Republican Party of whom they view as “corruptors.” Have you seen their television ads? They are hard hitting.

Have you heard that America’s Military leaders are critical of Trump’s leadership. Sixty percent plus of the military voted for Trump in 2016. Polls indicate a major shift of political preference away from Trump. Have you heard national polls show Biden has nearly a double digit lead over Trump, similar to Clinton’s lead over Trump in 2016 prior to Wikileaks’s dumping of thousands of Russian Hacked Clinton and DNC emails.

We know Trump got impeached after pressuring Ukraine President Zelensky to announce that an investigation of Biden and his son was underway. The Republican controlled Senate voted to acquit. The phone “investigation” never materialized.

Meanwhile, unemployment has soared due to the raging COVID-19 virus. Many small business are no-longer and those promised industrial jobs never did come back.

Support is slip, sliding away.

Don Scott,

North Warren

Our president in crisis

Dear Editor,

We have lost more than 140,000 people in our country who have died as a result of the novel coronavirus. Our incompetent president who has the attention span of a gnat for anything that does not meet his personal needs, has decided that we have to move on and get back to business.

After all, he is running for re-election and since he thinks people like the way he handles the economy, he wants to divert our attention away from the pandemic. he says he wants to focus on such things as incandescent light bulbs and getting rid of new toilets that do not work very well. Seriously? Just how stupid is this man who leads us?

Does he care about us and does he care about how many people are suffering and dying before their time? Does he care that our lives are disrupted and our youth and others are suffering from social isolation and anxiety? We need a leader and a national response to this health emergency.

I thought for a New York minute that maybe he might rise to the occasion when he told us he is a war-time president at war against the virus. It looked like he was preparing to gather the weapons we would need to fight and win this war, including things such as PPE, ventilators, hospital beds, medical personnel and science.

My hopes were quickly dashed as it became obvious that he apparently was only interested in creating a sound bite by that comment. We will probably see that comment in a campaign ad.

Declaring war is not the same thing as waging war. In this case, President Trump has surrendered to the virus. Nov. 3 cannot come fast enough. I pray that all the people I love and all of you see the end of this crisis.

Elaine M. Wiehagen,



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