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Unhealthy advice

Dear Editor,

Reasonable people should be absolutely tired of Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the scientific knowledge of personnel who understand the significance and the deadly nature of COVID-19. He is a hindrance to the efforts of everyone who are trying their very best to not only combat the virus, but give all of us logical solutions to stem the spread from one to another.

Trump, we are not resigned to your daily folly on this subject, except when you claim that “One day it will be a miracle and disappear.”

That day has come and gone, and the virus continues on its merry journey throughout the world. Therefore, when you get your advanced medical degree you may give valid advice.

Until then you have no concept as to how to help address this problem. Keep golfing, stay quiet, and don’t exaggerate your golf score and handicap.

Our country has qualified administrators in the health profession to guide us, especially Dr. Anthony Fauci. One White House politician, in particular, is exempt from giving medical advice!

M.J. Shanshala,



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