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Silver lining in support

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the coaching staff and the Little Eagles Wrestling Booster, I would like to thank those who stopped by our booth this past weekend during YABA days in Youngsville.

Thank you so much to: the Brokenstraw Valley Winery who allowed us to use their lot for our booth; the American Legion who supplied us with ice for our coolers; the parents and wrestlers who sat in the hot sun running the fundraiser and donated items to be sold; and the many patrons who stopped by our booth to purchase a hot dog and something to drink we want to express our sincere gratitude for the outpouring of support you have shown our club.

We’re ever aware of the current financial circumstances the local businesses and residents of Warren County and more specifically the Youngsville area are dealing with and the generosity of the community caught us by surprise. The proceeds raised through our hot dog stand and through our shirt sponsors have given us the ability to provide for our young wrestlers for the upcoming season, pending the fact we indeed have one with all the uncertainty of the pandemic.

We want to graciously thank everyone for their support during these trying times and hopefully we’ll see many of you in the stands at some of the local tournaments this winter when our young wrestlers can show their appreciation for you with their performance on the mat! Thank you Warren County!

David L. Myers,


Concerns with voting

Dear Editor,

This letter is not meant to be a lengthy political statement. In fact, it could be addressed to Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

It is a simple question: Why is it OK for the president of the United States to try to suppress the votes of the citizens of Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has allowed mail-in ballots for a number of years and it has never been questioned. In fact, it has worked quite well. This year, because of the pandemic, my husband and I voted voted in the primary using mail-in ballots. We are high risk, so we will use mail-in ballots this fall to exercise one our most valuable rights we have as American citizens and that is the right to vote.

Now back to my original question: Why is it OK for the president of the United States to try to suppress the votes of the citizens of Pennsylvania? We should all be offended and quite concerned about this situation. We should definitely not be complacent and allow this to happen.

Please speak up. Write your representative in Congress. Be heard.

Pamela Nasman,


Are we getting truth?

Dear Editor,

Scared yet? Or do you keep on trusting your government representatives to do the right things?

Have they done anything so far to stop this president? Why does Donald Trump need to have that disease victim info kept in the White House? There is no legal reason for doing so. Thus they will tell us what they want us to know, nothing more.

They can tell us things are going better, but there can be no truth at all to that. In fact, in the past 3 1/2 years, how much truth have you seen from the White House?

When the White House calls peaceful protests as being criminal, the White House is what holds the criminals. Let’s put the criminals in prison where they belong. Let’s stop the criminal president from pardoning his criminal friends. At this stage, he and Attorney General William Barr deserve no such authority.

Don’t forget the phrase “We the People.”

Oran Stewart,



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