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Freedoms at stake

Dear Editor,

For nearly four years the federal government has been in turmoil because the Democrats lost the 2016 election. Donald Trump ran on the “Drain the Swamp” agenda with many promises to “Make America Great Again.”

He has accomplished some of those promises but has been obstructed in others because the Dems don’t want to allow anything he proposes to come into fruition. It just proves how inept they were to accomplish changes when they had the chance. He has had downfalls and not acted the way many would want him to act; however, his agenda is and always has been to make America the best it can be.

This year has been unprecedented in our history with COVID-19 and racial tensions at the same time. So many leftist cities have officials that have been draconian in their handling of the virus. Other officials are allowing anarchists and terrorists to control their cities under the guise of protests. Peaceful protests do not maim and kill citizens and ruin cities; the looting of property and murders of innocent people cannot be ignored and must be vindicated.

Our history, though not perfect, is being destroyed. Pillaging and desecration of statues of our national leaders throughout history show how little respect there is for what has transpired in previous generations. Wiping them out will not erase what they stand for. Keeping that in mind, one remembers the statement from the Spanish-American philosopher, George Santayana, that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The Dems will not be satisfied until all forms of capitalism are destroyed and the nation that was formed “under God” will no longer exist. This nation is not perfect; we have a long way to go, even after 244 years in existence. However, there is no better place to live on earth. It would help everyone to remember that.

In more than 40 years of government service, and that includes eight years of being vice president under Barack Obama, Joe Biden has done nothing to better the lot of minorities. What makes one think he’ll do any better as chief executive? POTUS in the last 3¢ years has raised employment for African Americans, young and old, and funded their sources of higher education.

It’s hard to understand how people show disrespect to our country by kneeling to the flag. On July 3, Trump gave a speech at Mount Rushmore that mentioned “standing for the flag and kneeling for God. The mainstream networks did not cover that speech.

Now, we only hear the downside, dark news the media wants us to hear. If the left gets into office, will we as citizens know the truth, or will the media continue sharing only what it wants us to know?

It seems that the freedoms we have, and maybe taken for granted, will disappear, and we will live in a socialist society where government controls our thoughts, speech, and actions. Just imagine what our children will be taught!

We need Trump to continue “draining the swamp” and the silent majority to speak for this country and what is right about it. After all, we are “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Norma Bankoske,


Common-sense gear

Dear Editor,

I am getting frustrated more and more as time goes on in life.

I see COVID-19 affecting lives of so many families and the continued suffering of many because there are people out there in society that feel the wearing of masks is an affront to their civil liberties.

They have every reason to feel that by addressing the issue head on and refusing to wear one is going to show everyone how free to choose is our right and they are correct. However, the wearing of masks, especially indoors, should be followed to reduce the spread of the virus not only as a precaution for themselves but everyone they come in contact with and should be a duty as a good citizen. What you do and how you conduct yourself should be for the benefit of not only yourself but everyone in proximity instead of acting selfish to prove you are defending freedom of choice.

We are free because we fought tyranny and oppression, not a disease-killing virus. Our right to free expression is enshrined in the Constitution, but what about our duty to each other to help quash the virus that has killed so many already and shows no sign of slowing.

Other countries mandated the wearing of masks nationally to stem the spread and it helped to contain the spread in many to a great degree, including China where it originated. Let’s all pull together collectively, not only as a nation, but as free individuals and exercise our pride and common sense, to do the right thing for all Americans. Just maybe your actions will help save more suffering so we can move forward together healthier and happier that we are all helping out!

Prayers help too! Try it.

Dan Tassone,



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