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Voter fraud

Dear Editor:

The nearly 67 county suit brought by the Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. campaign with Congressmen Glenn Thompson and Mike Kelly is blatant proof of their disregard for the health and lives of the citizens of our Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and nation.

It is undeniable evidence of their putting politics before the wellbeing of constituents. Just as these same people have pushed for businesses to reopen and the economy to be returned to “normal” and not fostering wearing masks, so too they wish to endanger voters like me who voted by mail in the PA primary. Thankfully we have Governors Wolf and Cuomo who have relied on medical experts to bring down the curve of this relentless virus in Pennsylvania and New York.

Just as some political leaders didn’t heed the cautions of U.S. scientists and infectious disease experts like Dr. Fauci and the CDC by opening up businesses too soon, a spike in the coronavirus outbreak now may overwhelm our hospitals and strain the abilities and energy of healthcare workers. It also endangers the ability of our schools to reopen in the fall.

As of July 6, 2020, U.S. cases have doubled in 10 days in those western and southern states which opened and allowed people to gather at bars and restaurants, on beaches and at political rallies and pseudo-patriotic events!

This suit is a reprehensible slap in the face to the health and safety of the American people, our strained healthcare workers and an affront to the dedicated people on our Warren County Board of Elections and Lisa Rivett in our Voter Registration office.

How might a person like Trump vote by mail and then bring a lawsuit falsely saying there is graft and corruption in this method of voting?

There is absolutely no evidence of this kind of voter fraud in mail-in ballots. The scrupulous honesty and abiding by the rules of our local Voter registration office and Board of Electio ns is to be admired NOT falsely condemned. I have seen it for myself often in attending the write-in vote count at the Warren County Courthouse.

Attempts to defund the US Postal Service, close numerous voting locations, gerrymander districts, all are an attempt to take away the foundation of our democracy — the right to VOTE. The only voter fraud I have seen is that perpetrated by people such as Trump, Thompson and Kelly. Convey your wish to Senators Toomey and Casey and Congressmen Thompson and Kelly to encourage vote by mail and leave the US Postal Service untouched. Remember in November.

Karen Davis


Start fall sports

Dear Editor.

I read the articles about reopening scholastic sports with amazement. Doesn’t anyone check the data that is being pumped out daily by the CDC, the WHO, John Hopkins University, MIT and dozens of other organizations which show that the risk for young people is quite low?

In fact, the CDC indicates that a total of 151 people from 0-24 have succumbed to COVID-19. A total of 151 kids and young adults have died in the United States from COVID-19, while almost 20,000 have died from other causes. Although this is the latest data available from the CDC, it is far from new information. From the outset of this pandemic it has been known that children and youth are at low risk. If you doubt me, check the WHO website.

I have five grandchildren whose education has been infected by the results of using fear instead of data to produce an outcome. Five young people who may never be able to make up the time lost in classrooms. Two grandsons who missed out on spring sports, one who missed out on Class of 2020 activities and one who had his junior year in college stolen from him. Why? Because of fear and because some people found a way to short circuit the progress our county was making throughout every facet of society.

Although it has been known for months that children and youth are not at much risk, why have such draconian efforts been made to “keep them safe”? To me, there are several reasons. We have people on the national scene who saw a way to dismantle the societal progress America has made in the past three years. We have a governor who is power hungry and despotic and has aligned himself with like-thinkers who have pushed his political-driven agenda down to the local level. At the local level, we have administrators and teachers who care more for their personal “safety” than for the education of children in their charge and who are fearful of being seen as dissenters. Even when data becomes available to indicate the risk for people under the age of 45 is quite low, and under the age of 25 almost non-existent, the schools remained closed. Even now, in July, schools are uncertain what to do. School or no school? Classroom or internet? Some sort of hybrid system? Doesn’t anyone take data into account before making decisions? Look at the facts…kids don’t often get sick with this virus and they hardly ever die (26 under the age of 15).

Here is my suggestion: Start fall sports on time. Open schools on time. Adults wear masks, shields, gloves and haz mat clothing. Go to Warren Glass and have them make you a shield to fit on your desk. Go online and learn how to safely take off a mask and other PPE before you infect yourself. If a teacher doesn’t want to teach or an administrator doesn’t want to administer then either pay for a substitute to do the job or use sick days until they run out and then take unpaid leave or resign. It is past time for parents and students to take a stand and insist that schools be opened. Call the central office and insist that fall sports be opened and schools be prepared for an August opening.

Sincerely, a retired teacher,

Larry R. Neal



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