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Don’t just stand there

Dear Editor,

The wrong statues are coming down. The ones to take down should be the walking, zombie-like Democrats.

Today’s DNC and supporters are nothing but divisive, communist thugs. They do not like the United States of America and their ideology of hate is a virus exponentially more harmless than Huan.

Opportunity to topple: Nov. 3, 2020.

Do not make the historical mistake of note vote. For example, those who did not vote in 2012 were a vote for the Obama-Biden ticket.

The government you get is the government you deserve. So, to stand or not to stand?

John L. Erickson,


Crossing the line

Dear Editor,

As we enter the fourth month of this COVID-19 pandemic, there appears to be no apparent end in sight.

There continues to be elderly and those with compromised immune systems in Warren County who remain vulnerable for contracting and not recovering from the virus. Yet, I continue seeing residents not wearing masks during my limited visits to various locations.

For those believing they cannot be asked to wear a mask in public, please see this list and ask yourselves how you can justify it?

Shops: No shoes, no shirt, no service.

People: OK! No problem.

Traffic laws: Wear a seat belt in your car or get a ticket.

People: OK! No problem.

OSHA: While working in certain places, you must wear safety goggles and gear.

People: OK! No problem.

Airlines: You must be seated and wear a seat belt with your tray table up when taking off.

People: OK! No problem.

TSA: Before getting on this plane, you need to remove your shoes, your belt, anything from your back pockets and go through this x-ray machine.

People: OK! No problem.

Grocery stores: Please wear a mask while you are shopping to help reduce the risk of infecting others with a potential deadly virus.

People: How dare you take away my personal liberties and right!

Randy Teska,



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