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Kneeling implications

Dear Editor,

I read something incredulous. It stated that President Donald Trump would win the upcoming election just on sports figures kneeling.

I can’t recall any extreme reaction to this until Trump told people what they were supposed to think. Now, he again, is verbally attacking a citizen on that subject who doesn’t bow to his opinion. If sports figures stood with helmets on and turned their backs that could be denunciation. They didn’t do that. They knelt with helmets off before the flag.

My perception is that quietly kneeling is only to promote awareness. Before Trump said it was wrong, kneeling was always an act of respect and/or prayer (praying to God that our nation actually be the nation it says it is?).

Why does a few people kneeling offend, when a large group of fans watching do not remove their hats, place their hands over their hearts, sing the Anthem, and some not even stopping talking does not offend?

Those are officially improper and disrespectful. Just standing at a designated time is not an indication of patriotism. If if were, then so is the “seventh-inning stretch” at the baseball game.

Someone kneeling to make a statement about inequality or injustice is not a traitor, only a concerned citizen of a “democracy.” Traitors are people who do nothing to defend the Constitituion and laws of the Republic they are blessed to be a part of through no effort or sacrifice of their own. They are only citizens by genetics and people who fought and gave their lives to preserve the Constitution.

The adage “Be careful of what you want. You may get it,” is relevant in the here and now. If it is OK to cede constitutional law and the rights for some, it means it’s OK for the law to not defend you and your rights be taken away.

Why would kneeling, especially with the current crisis, even be a reason to decide one’s vote for president?

When there are real issues, why is he harping about that when legally kneeling before the flag is considered an act of reverence.

Susan A. Dilick,


A country in chaos

Dear Editor,

Only one of the following phrases is true: Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter or All Lives Matter. It only requires a humane human being to decide which one is true , not a brain surgeon. If All Lives Don’t Matter then no lives matter. Anything less is racist.

Truth to power and your own truth are just as absurd, for there can only be one truth that really happened.

Today we enable anyone and everyone to actually think they can create their own truth. So now we may have 350 million individual truths. Lying has become the most used method of stealing our civil liberties and creating chaos with division into tribal discord leading to anarchy.

Two phrases we should believe and demand that they remain true in order to retain our Democratic Republic are from a comic book character and our Declaration of Independence: truth, justice and the American way from Superman; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from our Founding Fathers. That is what USA should stand for!

Twenty people were murdered in Chicago the same weekend George Floyd died. In all of the major cities, in Democratic-run states like Chicago, there must have been hundreds of other murders. Don’t those lives matter as much as Floyd’s?

Numerous murders occurred during riots since protesting started. Leaders of these cities and states allowed the anarchist burning, looting, assaulting and murders to happen by having police stand down and allow destruction of entire sections of their own cities.

Don’t those lives matter along with the businesses of people of color that were destroyed? Now they want to eliminate police.

The left will do anything to defeat President Trump, including destroying our cities and country. There is only one thing they haven’t tried yet. God help us if they do and I am sure some have thought about it or are planning it. After all they can say about and depict any image of POTUS they want. Imagine how many of us would have been locked up for saying anything similar about or depicting similarly Obama as they do Trump.

I am infuriated also, and yes there was voter fraud in the 2016 election. Barack Obama, the Clintons, news media, celebrities and all of Obama’s administration, including 17 independent so-called intelligence agencies, conspired against Trump and still are trying to steal this election.

Admit the truth just once.

Jeffrey L. Carlson,



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