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No secrecy in loans

Dear Editor,

I take exception to the Times Observer editorial and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s assertion that getting a COVID loan is proprietary information. When a business applies for a public loan that is funded by taxpayer money there should not be an expectation of secrecy.

There never was this secrecy until the corrupt Trump administration took over and refuses to answer any questions. We taxpayers need to know who received our money and to make sure it did not go to wealth businesses, mega-donors to the Trump campaign, or members of Congress .

A newspaper in Texas revealed that Rep. Roger Williams, one of the wealthiest members of Congress, got a very large loan for his automobile dealership. The guy is worth at least $45 million and his getting a loan took money that was meant for small businesses in Warren County. We need to know what other members of Congress, mega-donors, and other well connected people took money intended for small business.

I am surprised the Times Observer does not want to see how taxpayer money is spent and buys that garbage from corrupt Mnuchin about public funded loans being proprietary information.

Tom Taydus,

High Point

Park trees are a priority

Dear Editor:

The lights in the park should be a non-issue.

If lights are needed then they should be solar lights with top “lid” covers so our kids don’t grow up with more nighttime light pollution that blocks God’s stars from view.

Conduit and expensive lighting is not needed. If we wanted to do something real to improve life in Pennsylvania, we would change our devastating forest policies of the Allegheny. We are planning to drill 97% of the Allegheny National Forest and timber 98% of the Allegheny National Forest.

Compared to western states, that averages 16% untimbered and undrilled national forest, we cater to a few loggers and forget the value of increased tourism dollars and community enhancement.

Our problems with young people leaving this state in droves, increased abortion and the highest incarceration rate is not unrelated to cutting down all, but less than a handful of our 400-plus-year-old beautiful trees in our national forest that people in cities think still exists. Wait till they find out that you’ve cut down all the trees in our national forest “park.” I mean the forest supervisors tree farm.

Write a letter and make your voice heard today.

Chad Doverspike,



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