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Get going on brakes

Dear Editor,

I have noticed many skid marks on only one side of a vehicle. Why? Because apparently brakes are not working or are out of adjustment.

What happened to the PennDOT or federal DOT? How about the police?

Someone is not doing maintenance. I maintained a fleet in Warren County for 33 years. Brakes and other safety were the first priority.

Pennsylvania State Police should be seriously concerned.

Carman J. Fedele,


Better late than never

Dear Editor,

Normally, it’s not conventional to ostracize a person when that individual is already suffering from a negative personality trait. However, Donald J. Trump has finally exhibited a semblance of empathy — not compassion — for some 100,000 souls which have left their loved ones and this planet earth due to COVID-19.

May I suggest that Mr. Trump issued his recent pronouncement, regarding lives lost, as a direct result of the outcry in the media, and his primary concern for what November may forebode. Perhaps a replacement in the Oval Office will bring that esteemed institution a sense of dignity. That does not mean the Chief of Staff. That has happened more than once!

M.J. Shanshala,


‘Small gesture’ appreciated

Dear Editor,

To the person who damaged our mailbox on Kinzua Road, thank you. You are proof that there are decent, good people around.

Thanks also for leaving the money to help my husband repair it. A small gesture, but it was very much appreciated.

Judy Beltz,


Flagging the traitors

Dear Editor,

Why are there no statues to Benedict Arnold? The United States would not exist if it hadn’t been for Arnold’s heroics at Ticonderoga and Saratoga. He led eight major campaigns, was seriously wounded in battle and had a fort named after him. Yet no honors, no statues because he was a traitor.

So why is it we honor some traitors and not others? Yes, Robert E. Lee was a great leader of men. So was Arnold! And why would we honor the leader of the Traitors, Jefferson Davis, with a statue in our capital? Maybe a special place could be found to display those who tried to destroy this country and then Arnold too could have a statue.

Many people today still honor the traitor’s flag, flying it from their homes and vehicles, which are expected if their relatives fought under that flag. In this country of freedom of speech, that is their right. But it is still the flag of traitors and represents much of the same ideals of the Nazi flag. In a country that is supposed to represent all the people, it has no place on any government property.

Allan Gustafson,



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