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Sociopathic behavior continues

Dear Editor,

Quoting again from my college Abnormal Psychology textbook — and previous letters to the editor:

The most incredible trait of a sociopath is his complete lack of conscience, lack of empathy, remorse, guilt or shame, moral emotion.

He can feel anger and stress like everyone else and is prone to fits of anger.

He can form attachments with other people, enjoy being around other people, although he has no regard for rules put in place by society.

A sociopath has no fear. He cares about what others think of him only if it affects his ability to con and manipulate.

Sociopaths are great salesmen.

To a sociopath, what he needs and wants is most important. He thinks of himself; if he seems ‘helpful,’ this is because he has his own agenda to achieve. If he wants something, he will make sure that he obtains what he wants by using whatever means.

A sociopath has learned from an early age to “mimic” feelings that other people feel.

A sociopath challenges others’ perceptions or memories of reality: ‘gas-lighting.’

To a sociopath, nothing is ever his fault.

The sociopath has an advantage; he is able to operate by playing on what he does not have, but others have, ‘a conscience.’ He will accuse you of what he is guilty of doing himself to distract you. He talks a mile a minute, so you do not have time to think. He will fake a sense of morality, and tell you what you should be doing.

He is unable to make long term plans.

He tends to act first and think later.

He lives for power and control, and therefore cannot afford to admit any weakness or error not even to himself.

Within a short period of time, the same pattern re-occurs. He makes new promises. What has happened in the past is forgotten. He does not learn from past mistakes.

The behavior is the same. Circumstances change. The cast of players change. The pandemic, staggering economy and the surging outcry for racial justice are the current national concerns. His ineffective and dangerous sociopathic behavior continues. He is unfit for the position. Heaven help us.

Don Scott,

North Warren

‘Harvesting’ a danger to voting

Dear Editor,

I chose to vote by mail in the primary because of COVID-19. I am planning to vote in person in November, but it’s nice to have the option.

In at least one area of the country there is a policy of “ballot harvesting,” which allows political operatives to collect voters’ ballots and deliver them to polling stations.

Brian Eggers of Breitbart news Tonight said California’s enormous noncitizen and illegal alien population — almost 11 million foreign-born residents reside in the state — is likely contributing to potential voter fraud that is facilitated because of ballot harvesting.

Liberal California has illegal immigrants that can obtain driver’s licenses, thereby making them registered to vote. With harvesting a real possibility that could occur in large metropolitan areas, it is entirely reasonable to be concerned about the results in an election for any office, whether local, statewide or national. President Donald Trump has been unjustly persecuted at every turn so his reluctance to mail-in voting is understandable.

Many Americans need to wake up and look at all the “tricks” the socialist Democrats have used and are continuing to use. This kind of chicanery is another way they have chosen. I have learned to find out truths for myself and not trust the fake media. Too many truths have been denied and/or hidden, certainly not shared.

The Dems’ lunacy has hit an all-time low. In my opinion, whatever progress the recent protests may have garnered has certainly been diminished with the violence toward and killings of innocent people. After all this, many socialist Dems advocate defunding and dismantling of police forces in their cities.

Are they thinking of reacting to a devastating situation? This directive would realistically result in crime running rampant, more violence occurring and safety being forgotten. Anarchy makes a grave situation even worse.

We can be thankful that much of what occurs in these large cities will probably not touch us in our community, but in reality it does affect us; we are all Americans and care about what happens to any one of us. In 2016, Hillary Clinton said some Americans fell into the category of deplorables; Joe Biden said recently that 10-15 percent of Americans were not good. It seems Dems don’t hold much respect for Americans.

Voters need to make sure they don’t get the control they think they deserve. We don’t need their kind of government, and hopefully enough voters don’t want it. November will tell. God bless America!

Norma Bankoske,



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