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Praise for Rouse Estates

Dear Editor,

During this time of stress and challenges in Warren County, one thing has not changed and that is the ongoing exemplary work and care that takes place every day at the Rouse Estates of Warren County.

There, the children, adults and our valued senior citizens are treated with respect, empathy and compassion by a very caring and professional staff.

We are truly fortunate to have a multi-dimensional residential and treatment center right here in Warren County. The people we care about have their needs met in a manner that empowers them. I have family and friends at the Rouse and have personally witnessed the quality of life for the residents through “care plans” that involve both the individual and the family.

The caregivers at the Rouse Suites, Skilled Nursing Home and the Rouse Cottages are well trained, compassionate professions and are trusted by both the residents and their families. Countless times I have witnessed their genuine concern for the residents and their families.

This has not gone unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. I would like to give public recognition to those workers who go above and beyond their regular duties.

Not only do the residents receive wonderful care at the Rouse Estates, the facilities there clean, attractive and comfortable with well maintained and professionally landscaped grounds.

To the staff, administration, board of directors and benefactors, I offer a sincere “Thank you.” The entire Rouse Estates complex is a place we all can be proud of and deserves our support and appreciation. Best wishes for their continued success.

Linda D. Eberl,


Missing local news from Erie

Dear Editor,

I looked forward to June 1 edition to read about the Erie riots in our local newspaper. The Times Observer did not cover the Erie riots. Of course that’s nothing new about the Warren paper. They seldom cover the news close to home.

Elaine Moriarity,



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