‘What we wanted’

Dear Editor,

Many people seem to think that we here in the U.S. are the only ones struggling with COVID-19. This is a worldwide problem and every country is dealing with it by “shutting down.” It is apparent that many of us aren’t cut from the same cloth as our parents and grandparents who endured the 1918 pandemic during WWI and then struggled again 20 years later with the Great Depression plus WWII.

The country that has been the most successful with dealing with COVID-19 is little South Korea, who from day one, shut down everything. I believe their death count is 40. Of course, South Korea also has 97% health care coverage, so people weren’t afraid to quickly go to the doctors when they felt ill to be quarantined. We have voted for no healthcare coverage and decimated the “Affordable Care Act.” So, it appears we got what we wanted!

Allan Gustafson,



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