Wearing masks

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the people who don’t wear masks when going into stores that require them. Thank you to the stores that don’t enforce mask wearing. Thank you to the people that wear a mask to enter a store and then remove it while shopping. Thank you to the families that wear masks and then one or both parents remove their mask while the children do still wear theirs. What an example you are to them. Thank you for making those of us that do have people in their household with existing health issues that COVID-19 could be life threatening to worry even more as we shop for necessities. Thank you for making me realize that ignorance is alive and well in Warren. I do realize there are medical reasons why some people aren’t able to wear masks. I doubt the odds of me seeing the quantity of people I see when shopping all meet the medical criteria for that. I am not sure ignorance is considered a medical condition. I could be wrong about that…

To those that are wearing masks, I would like to thank you for doing your best to keep others safe.

Best of health,

Gail Kirsch,



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