Dear Editor,

Not only is Covid-19 creating havoc with the health of our nation, but with the fabric of our society. Our medical, first responders, and scientific women and men are giving their body and soul to mitigate the devastation of this world wide epidemic. Yet some people are not willing to accept the seriousness of the virus.

Then we have a federal government which has at least tried to manage the needs associated with financial and medical aspects of this virus, only to respond to self-sufficient corporations instead of the least needy who are least able to withstand this economic disaster.

Further, the purely selfish and irresponsible people who refuse to abide by commonsense recommendations such as wearing face coverings and social distancing, and brandishing weapons and placards for the cause of freedom do not understand that our rights for protection from the virus are greater than their discomfort. “Give me Liberty or Death” may be their slogan, however most of us want to live another day!


M.J. Shanshala,



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