Dear Editor,

We need some perspective. My parents were members of the generation that lived through the Great Depression; an economic catastrophe that lasted years, not weeks or months. It bothers me that we are complaining and protesting about having to stay at home when these people truly suffered day after day simply to hold their lives together. At the end of that extended period of economic struggle, members of this generation went to war. Many of them, including two uncles I never had the opportunity to meet, did not return home.

I watch the nightly news and see people who appear to be well fed sitting in line in their late model SUVs at a food bank and talking about how awful their lives are. Compare these images to photos of people in the 1930’s bread line and you will see a marked contrast.

It is not my intent to minimize what we are going through right now. It is terrible but a little perspective is also useful. We need to continue to remember how blessed we are.

Bill Tucker,



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