Dear Editor,

I wanted to comment on the litter that goes on in this county. I saw the article in the paper in regard to trash at Jake’s Rocks. I know Don and Kate Reed and I commend them for participating in trying to clean up our county.

Ironically, we were up at Jake’s Rocks last Sunday and was appalled at what we saw. Instead of going there via Route 59, we thought we would go via Jake’s Rocks Road. That was a big mistake. That road is not fit to be driven on due to the big holes in it. That area has been timbered and it looks terrible on both sides of the road due to the mess they left. Even some of the paved road through the park has holes in it. Then you come to the overlooks — what a letdown that was. They have become landfill garbage dumps. It was a disgrace. Why do people do this? We have not been to Rimrock yet this year so we are not sure how things are there.

I think the travel bureau and others should eliminate Jake’s Rocks as a place to go. It certainly does not speak well for our county. Massive repairs need to be done. That road should either be graded or paved. Fallen timber should be removed. Somehow all of the trash has to be removed at the overlooks. That will be a challenge in itself.

What should we do about littering? That is a problem at Jake’s Rocks and on Market Street. I think that the time has come to place cameras at these locations so that we can see who is tossing out this trash. We should put warning signs up that the area is being monitored.

So: Eliminate Jake’s Rocks as a tourist attraction because it is a disgrace!

Barry Keller,



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