‘Empathy with homebound’

Dear Editor,

This corona virus crisis and the frustration and isolation we have endured, difficult as it is, does allow us an opportunity to identify more closely with some of the forgotten ones. I’m thinking of those who have endured loneliness and isolation because of age or long-term illness. A predicament which could await any one of us.

We might also think of those isolated in prison or under house arrest. “Be mindful of prisoners as if sharing their imprisonment.” — Hebrews 13:3.

Many of us, too, are lamenting the closure of our places of worship. Perhaps we could see this as an opportunity to be in solidarity with people in other areas, other countries, who are without a place of worship nearby.

Any time we share another person’s experience we grow in empathy and understanding. For this, we give thanks.

In solidarity,

Neil Himber,



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