‘Dictatorial policies’

Dear Editor,

I wanted to comment on the present crisis involving coronavirus. We’re all aware of the catastrophic effects of pandemics; and I can understand many of the precautions that were taken early on to inhibit the spread of the virus. However, after several weeks of living under the drastic measures that were enacted, many questions begin to surface.

Due to computer models, we were first informed that two million people would die in the U.S. alone. Then it was two hundred fifty thousand. Then it was revised again to ninety thousand. And just lately, it has been set at around sixty thousand, which is approaching regular flu levels. I can understand the element of uncertainty, but who is responsible for the models being so TOTALLY inaccurate, especially when social distancing was included in most of the projections?! I thank God that this is the case, but why are we listening to such “experts?!”

Meanwhile, it has been known for weeks that the recovery rate is 98%; and studies in California and other states confirm that the virus has probably passed through much of our population without showing any symptoms. In addition, there’s the issue of death rates recorded by some hospitals. It’s been verified that they are receiving extra government funds for attributing any deaths to coronavirus. Along with this, we have a national media perfectly willing to ratchet up the fear and anxiety.

In the midst of this, I’m reminded that we’ve been hit with far worse diseases in the past and yet we’ve never resorted to such draconian measures. As of this week, thirty million people have lost their jobs; many small business owners have been driven to bankruptcy; whole livelihoods have vanished; workers who prided themselves on being able to provide for their families are reduced to seeking government assistance. Suicides and drug abuse have risen sharply, along with domestic violence.

Equally disturbing is the DICTATORIAL policies adopted by many governors. Americans are ORDERED to stay in their homes until government officials decide otherwise! The right to assemble is EXTREMELY LIMITED and in some places enforced by drones SPYING overhead and overzealous police! Freedom of religion, for all intense purposes, is PROHIBITED for the first time in our history — God help us! Freedom of speech is now HEAVILY MONITORED on social media! It’s obvious that we have crossed a DANGEROUS THRESHOLD with politicians taking full advantage of this tragedy! Is this really a temporary response to a pandemic, or a DRY RUN FOR SOMETHING FAR WORSE?!


John A. Peterson,

Chandlers Valley


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