Dems offer hope?

Dear Editor,

Americans should recall the message of hope the Democrats have offered when it’s time to vote in November. For nearly four years, the Democrats along with their Chinese propaganda media machine have relentlessly bombarded us with their message of hope. Hope that we are gullible enough to believe fabricated evidence to destroy the President. They hope that eventually the endless false narratives and contrived accusations will promote a coup of elected and/or appointed officials. Now with Covid-19, they hope the economy will crash, millions will die, unemployment will skyrocket, and the supply chain will be broken. They hope that state government overreach will create egregious harm to reopening business just to defeat President Trump in November. Democrats hope to drive America into a state of fear, hysteria and create a Masada complex of “we’d rather burn it all down” just because they hate Trump more than they love America.

They hope that ridicule and defamation will overcome President Trump’s hope of a measured response to reopening the country. Even former President Obama, who has offered nothing of value for months, now finds himself being the loudest voice of this hope. No offering of help, solutions, or a sustainable path forward. As a true Democrat, all he has offered is criticism, and more fuel to the “let’s burn it all” message from the Democrats. And then just when we thought they couldn’t offer more hope, here comes Joe. God help us all.

Dennis Atwater,



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