‘Blame’ for the virus

Dear Editor,

First, we heard the COVID-19 virus came from unsanitary “wet markets.” Now, the suspect is careless lab operation. Regardless, it’s from Wuhan.

At least one doctor tried to alert fellow citizens, and the world. He was silenced by the Chinese communist government and since died. The World Health Organization (WHO) told us that “human-to-human” transmission was not a concern. How untrue!

It’s amazing that some are apologists for the aforementioned culprits. Some suggest America is partly at fault. (“Our guard was down, we don’t like ‘blame games.'”)

Let’s be clear. Blame belongs to the Chinese government and the WHO!

Without the deception and errors, fewer would be ill or dead, and our lives would be closer to normal.

WHO funding should be suspended for 60 to 90 days. Communist China can make up the difference. Generally, the WHO is worthy funding can be restored after they agree to binding American oversight and transparency. We give them far more, after all, than any other nation.

Cleta Mitchell, in The Federalist, provides an interesting chronology.

On January 17 and 24, our CDC (Center for Disease Control) assured us that coronavirus risk was low. On the 28th, the WHO praised China for “speed and openness.” On the 31st President Trump imposed restrictions on flights from China. On February 4, he directed the Food and Drug Administration to accelerate testing procedures, but on February 15 and 18, CDC still told us risk was low.

Trump was ahead of the CDC. His antagonists would deny or distort the above.

For halting flights, Joe Biden called him “xenophobic.” So, Joe being “politically correct,” would’ve permitted more disease-bearing flights?

Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of moving slow. Not true. But, if she was concerned with speed, why did she hold up the stimulus bill with an attempt to add non-essential items?

Was our “guard” down? Yes! Because while the virus was growing, America was preoccupied with the pointless impeachment circus. Little attention was directed to foreign affairs. Unwittingly, Pelosi gave China an ideal distraction.

Leonard Pitt labeled the GOP a “hate group” and “intentionally ignorant.” Pitt’s own considerable ignorance is matched by his foolish arrogance.

Best wishes to all Warren countians in this ordeal.

Terry Hallock,



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