The front lines

Dear Editor,

You’re in the front line! In this anxiety provoking pandemic times, people are sometimes complacent and think the frontline in the war against the COVID-19 is in the hospitals and emergency rooms and urgent care centers and with the doctors, nurses, health care workers and first responders. Here’s another perspective; they are the last line and you, the people in the community, are the frontline and if we don’t do the right things now, everybody loses and our health care system will be overwhelmed. There’s no time to wait and waste. The virus is already in town. We have to gear up for battle like the soldiers in the battlefield. We can’t see the enemy, but it’s staring us right in the face. Whether you like it or not, we are in the heat of battle. Our family and country depend on you. While waiting for reinforcements (research for effective vaccines and drugs), we should act now. While the political and scientific leaders are weighing the best options and directives in this fight, you alone are given the task and responsibility to protect each other NOW. We fight not with weapons but with proven and effective hygienic practices. Observe social distancing at all times, wash your hands, stay home, avoid all unnecessary trips and always, when out in public, wear a mask or protective covering for your nose and mouth, like scarves, bandanas or creative homemade masks. It has been shown that these simple facial coverings can reduce up to 90% of aerosols from sneezing, talking, and coughing to be disseminated into the air, thus protecting the other person. The kids might be even entertained to bring out and wear those Halloween and funny masks. Other countries have shown that these help tremendously in flattening the curve of the infection. Don’t forget we’re not at the peak yet. We have to do these things now. We’ll win this battle with serious determination and faith in God and with one another. You are the frontline heroes to save our town.

Raineldo Saquin, M.D.,



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