‘THAT’ party

Dear Editor,

Isn’t it sad? Millions of dollars for the left’s wishes, that have nothing to do with helping citizens through this crisis. Thousands of families could use that money to sustain their lives. Strange? No more than what “THAT” party has been doing for years. Selfish, moronic decisions that have been harming the country and defaming the president that was elected to “drain the swamp.” I wonder why some of these politicians keep getting elected. They speak and act as insane, moronic donkeys (their mascot), holding fellow Americans hostage for their silly agendas. We are in a crisis in our country that affects EVERYONE; we need to work together and not at odds.

The writer in a recent WTO letter mentioned that the Washington Post credits the president with saying the virus is a “hoax.” Frist of all, to quote the Washington Post “anti-Trump” ad is not a credible source, unless the reader is interested in a biased view. It seems to be a leader of “fake news.” To learn what he actually said, watch a video of the speech and learn that he said: “Attempts by the Democrats to politicize the coronavirus is ‘the new hoax.'” Once again another hit; when will they learn? It is really pathetic that reporting has taken a new twist: Print what you want to share, not what is actually true!

If one remembers lessons in history, many Americans with Japanese ancestry were placed in internment camps during WW2. Those people had nothing to do with the war, but people with hysteria and fear of the unknown placed blame where they could. Since the coronavirus started in China, again innocent people have felt the brunt of this fear from a new generation. It is regretful that otherwise rational individuals will take things into their own hands and create more problems, even though common sense indicates that the Chinese citizens here are as innocent as anyone else. Those in the media that are spreading untruths and innuendos should be taken to task for the fears they unleash with their rhetoric.

President Trump mentioned April 12th as a possible date to start getting back to normal. Nothing is written in stone in any of this. Just wait to see what is best and go from there.

Personally, I want to thank President Trump and the intelligent leaders that keep going, doing what they can to fulfill what was promised and bring us back to where we should be.

Paul, the apostle, in Romans 12:12 gives us confidence we need: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”


Norma Bankoske,



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