Patriotism knocking at our back door

Dear Editor,

We don’t hear the word patriotism today. However, I do think it is poking its head up as we learn of people stepping forward to make surgical masks, garments and more, to assist our teams of care givers around the country. It’s shown in the folks of Warren who are doing just that and my friends and family who are practicing Social Distancing. Reading of the Warren citizens who are using their creativity to support the need for a medical supply here and beyond tells of patriotic motives that reach all levels of society. It’s heartwarming.

As I began to turn my dining table into a cottage business, and planned on creating face masks for our two practicing nurse granddaughters in prime Corona sections of our country and a daughter in a Virginia hospital, it made me recall when I was a little girl, about 8-years-old, and World War II broke out. I lived on Long Island, in Hempstead. Patriotism shined everywhere! Food was rationed for everyone and thus the victory gardens blossomed.

My brother and I managed our family plot at the school side yard with many others. Students who were in third grade or older were invited to knit important items for the Red Cross. Nylon stockings replaced silk to support the making of parachutes for the war. When at school, every week we gathered in the gym to sing patriotic songs freshly printed off the press. Gasoline was rationed to provide more for the military needs. Homes on the island had to support air raids with blackened window covers. We dimmed our home lights at night, thus the kerosene lighting returned. It was serious even though we were an ocean away. Supporting the cause maintained an odd feeling of joy.

Here, 70 years later, I am filling my lonely hours with creativity to uplift my spirits and do my duty. It brings back memories of old and, as our patriotism looms among us, may we always be mindful of the needs of others.

Mary Conarro,



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