The correct choice

Dear Editor,

Once again, we have a major election approaching. We read the same comments from the same people about Pres. Trump; everything is under scrutiny that he says or does.

He has spoken things many wish had not been said, but when one gets to the nitty gritty of his term, “actions speak louder than words,” he has tried to accomplish what he said he would, and with all the problems thrown at him, he has done fairly well.

We have two groups that are diametrically opposed, the destructives and the restorers. I have respect for a president that will align himself with prolife advocates.

Thankfully, we have someone who will try to help those who cannot help themselves. As an adult adopted as an infant, I appreciate the life I was given and pray that women choose life over the alternative when given the opportunity.

Now we hear about socialism. The socialist “wanna be” has a “few” bucks to spread around, but has he? Why should we allow everyone in this country and take care of them for nothing, and our own people get the leftovers? Where is the initiative to work, when everything is handed out as a freebie? I know that when things are earned, they mean more than just getting something because my hand is extended to receive it.

The voters have a decision: destroy our country or rebuild it. We need to make the correct choice in November.


Norma Bankoske,



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