Lemonade from lemons

Dear Editor,

As we deal with the corona virus in the best way possible for our families and community members here are 20 suggestions for Warren County and City activities — if not done in groups of more than 10 — which are relatively safe and cost little except for some gas in the car:

1. Take a walk on Crescent Park and try to name the trees, birds, wildlife and tracks you see.

2. Complete your census form.

3. Break out the cards, board games and popcorn.

4. As a family, sort, organize, label and put collected photographs in an album or scrapbook.

5. Ride or walk the bike/hike trail from 7th and East Street to the Warren State Hospital property and back.

6. Get your income taxes ready to submit.

7. Make a favorite family recipe or dessert together.

8. Look through photo albums or phone photos to see how the kids have grown or how you’ve matured.

9. Visit Chapman State Park for a picnic under a pavilion-rain or shine.

10. Take the dog for a run at Buckaloons federal camping area near Irvine, PA.

11. Cook hotdogs at Washington Park up Liberty Street with a view of the city below.

12. Write a letter or mail a card to someone because everybody loves mail.

13. Learn to knit or crochet.

14. Finish a craft you never completed.

15. Try a new hobby-painting, clay pot, jewelry making, etc.

16. Plan a container garden for May.

17. Rake your yard and look for crocuses and snowbells.

18. Call and take out a meal from a local restaurant-Arbor Cafe, Liberty St. Lunch, Hog Wild, Chiodo’s , Snuffy’s, etc. to ease the downturn in their on-site business.

19. Check on an older neighbor or relative with a phone call or email.

20. Start a journal and write (and illustrate) your experience and reaction to the things in this list you and your family chose to do.

Karen Davis,



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