Current crisis

Dear Editor,

I want to comment on the current crisis facing our nation. Needless to say, the coronavirus dominates headlines all over the world. Despite the strong response from our government, including travel bans and pushing hard to create a vaccine; many citizens are still panic buying and fearful of the future. Besides the potential for thousands of deaths, our economic stability is also under assault. Millions of people are worried about their ability to survive financially. At times like these, we begin to realize how tenuous, and in some cases perilous, our situation in life actually is.

As Americans we’ve come to pride ourselves on being in control of our circumstances, ruling out the unexpected. However, it’s the unexpected that gets our attention; that changes us for better or for worse.

Following the attack on 9/11 there was a brief revival in our country, as people desperate to maintain some semblance of stability, poured into churches. Unfortunately, after a few months the revival faltered and the spiritual condition of much of the nation was “lukewarm” at best.

It’s no secret that America has been adrift spiritually for several decades. Attempting to redefine Biblical marriage, remove God from every aspect of public life, legalizing the taking of a baby’s life at birth, rewriting our history and polluting our culture are just some of the symptoms of a nation having lost its moorings. To think that we as free Americans are flirting with the madness of socialism and communism is frightening to say the least!

Jesus Christ told His disciples that before His return there would be “wars and rumors of wars…famines, pestilence or worldwide diseases, and earthquakes in diverse places. All these are the beginning of the end.” (Matt. 24:6-8) We’re already witnessing the whole planet in turmoil over a pandemic. In regard to famines, much of East Africa is being overrun by hordes of locusts. It’s reported to be of Biblical proportions, the worst in close to 80 years. Earthquakes, even in our Midwest, are increasing in size and intensity at an alarming rate. Seismologists are very nervous about the tremors occurring lately on our West Coast. In terms of war, the situation involving Iran is still volatile.

So in light of all this, questions arise; is the coronavirus just another crisis to be managed as best we can? And after this crisis runs its course, do we return to our normal routine, OR is the world about to change in ways we never dreamed of?


John A. Peterson,

Chandlers Valley


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