Dear Editor,

I live in town and walk all the time enduring those who will not stop at designated crosswalks, but the new signage on Market Street has created more problems than it has solved. Unlike the crosswalks on Liberty Street where the walk signal coincides with the lights, you must press the button on Market Street to activate the walk sign. Might seem reasonable since that is what the city requested (according to PennDot). In reality, it causes more problems. As an educated adult, I know how to cross a street, so if I come to an intersection and the light has just changed, why would I press the button and wait and then cause all traffic to stop for 15 seconds? I know I am legally in the crosswalk (I asked the police), but drivers seem to think I’m not and they have the right-of-way. I have been honked at, yelled at and one TAWC driver stopped to inform me unkindly how unintelligent I am! I have watched people at the intersections be unsure of what to do.

I believe it makes more sense to sync the walk signals with the traffic lights, thereby removing any confusion for pedestrians and drivers.

Perhaps an article could be done addressing not only this issue, but also designated crosswalks, how to turn right on red, running red lights and similar issues the public seems to have forgotten.

Thank you for your attention to this issue,

Connie A. Michell,


PS… I am thrilled about the roundabout!


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