‘We can’t afford socialism’

Dear Editor,

Neither Democrats nor Republicans can afford the socialism we already have. Adding more socialist spending is absurd. The National Debt (ND) is $23 trillion. This year: spending – revenue = $1 trillion added to the national debt. Spending must be cut not increased.

In our budget, mandatory spending consumes 61%, most of which is Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Additionally, at present rates, interest on the ND is 8%. Defense spending is 15%. Only about 16% is left for discretionary spending. SS and health care expenses are a juggernaut growing yearly.

Annually, we squander money on ridiculous items, see the annual Pig Book. Huge amounts are wasted on duplication. Government bureaucracy consumes ridiculous amounts of money. Government retirement programs are underfunded.

Both parties must reduce expenses on every front of government. A ballooning ND weakens our nation.

I cringed when Trump said we won’t forget persons with existing conditions. The lunacy of paid college for everyone, welfare and free medical for non-Americans, more foreign aid, and a litany of expenses that go beyond our borders and our citizens benefit is fiscal insanity.

America’s fiscal wellbeing is in jeopardy if something is not done soon to halt the growth of our ND. Where spending is concerned the Republicans are not doing justice to their constituents.

The Democrats proposed spending, if allowed, will be the demise of our country sooner rather than later.

Dan Reiff,



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