Disgusted Veteran

Dear Editor,

As a voter and veteran I was appalled when Pelosi ripped up the State of the Union speech along with all the other Democrats who sat through the speech like pouting children. What a slap in the face for all the people honored during the speech. Three of those families honored had tragically lost loved ones and that was the last thing they needed to see. What a disgraceful and inhumane act by Pelosi and her party.

Our President has done more for our country in three years than any other President in recent history.

The economy is growing, our military is stronger, two of the worst terrorists in the world were taken out.

We have become energy independent in gas and oil production. Even though the Green movement is a good thing, but in our little part of the world we cannot survive without gas and oil. If you don’t believe this turn your furnace off and throw away your car keys.

Now that this for nothing impeachment show is over I would hope our country can move on. I think as the whole thing as three outlaws, one woman and two men hiding in the weeds waiting to ambush the President but he races by on a firey white horse and buries them in his dust, they say who was that guy?

Well it’s not the Lone Ranger it’s President Trump. Ride on Mr. President!

And now we have Bloomberg who can easily see the Democrats have no candidate to stand up to President Trump so he is going to try and buy the election with his millions and by the way he would destroy the Second Ammendment. How low will the Democrats go to destroy our country?

Disgusted Veteran,

Jim Dailey,



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