Compliments to the DNC

Dear Editor,

Thanks to the chaos and division created by Barry the Great since he won office promising to fundamentally change the USA , anything and everything is possibly happening. I would like to praise the left for doing the unbelievable in a Democratic Republic. They have a true Socialist Communist leading their party to become their candidate — Bloomberg, a true fascist appears to be closing in to become Bernie’s closest competition. They both insist that we all need to be dependent on them and the government to provide and control all of our needs and rights!

Bernie sees climate change as the #1 threat to us. His #2 is Trump. #3 would be keeping totally open borders so that anyone in the world will be permitted and encouraged to enter our country illegally and receive everything they need free, while we pay for it, including free college. I paid for my son’s college with my retirement, so do I get the reparations for my expenses? Bernie’s list of planned executive orders to enact ASAP appear to be: open borders for free flow immigration; green new deal attacking our thriving energy systems; declare climate change a National Emergency, allowing government an unlimited amount of power and control; free college; banning export of oil anywhere; and too many more to list.

You have in Bernie an insane Communist millionaire and, in Bloomberg a Napoleonic Fascist billionaire. Hello, party of the people, where is your diversity and wokenness? No PC! No affirmative action! No identity politics! Exactly what DNC represents damn nasty conspirators!

For the 8 years of the Great Barry, truth became extinct while truth to power or power to truth or whatever lefty said became fact. God help all the liars who have continued Barry’s planned conspiratorial attack on Trump since he came down the escalator. First, the plan was to illegally interfere with the election of 2016. When that failed, they have spent the entire rest of their time trying to remove him, while not permitting or getting anything done for we the citizens. All they have done is obstruct, conspire , and campaign disgustingly! Sort of OCD squared!

Jeffrey L. Carlson,



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