Can’t ‘fight’ city hall

Dear Editor,

Reading the WTO’s article on safe winter travel and sidewalk shoveling within City environs brings me to the differences in how this issue is handled in the Borough of Clarendon.

When attending a Clarendon Borough meeting to inquire about enforcing snow shoveling requirements, I was told that the Borough officials would rather “we” act neighborly and simply shovel each other’s walks. “We” try, however, there are more sidewalks, it seems, than there are neighbors.

When requesting the Borough Road Master to adjust his plow to push snow away from driveways, rather than bury same driveway, it was suggested by that same RM, the solution would be to move. Seems like a less than ” neighborly” solution to the request.

Whereas, the City of Warren reminds its citizens to respect the law, the Borough of Clarendon would rather one just “pipe down” a little and be a good neighbor.

I’ve been to a Borough meeting, and one is more than enough neighbor.


Scott Robert Blume,



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