‘Show me the beef’

Dear Editor,

I have been asking what evidence there is of any wrongdoing by President Trump. All that has been offered as proof so far are accusations, hearsay, innuendo, personal opinions, and outright lies. But the factual evidence or the real truth of the, who, what, where, when and why are starting to trickle out.

I do believe this impeachment process was and is necessary to bring about the format needed to gather evidence and place a spotlight on the corrupt actions and people who have been involved in unlawful activates. The trickle of truth will turn into a mighty roar as it exposes the guilty and they turn on each other.

Yes, this impeachment is a Blessing in disguise and will let the light of truth come shining forth. Remember when draining a swamp as the water level reseeds things are very muddy and odor is foul. The swamp creatures slither and squirm as they are exposed and have no place left to hide.

James A Gillette, Jr.,



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