School phone policy

Dear Editor,

This is the first time I have ever known the school district to set a policy for only 1 school in the district. Any regulations that are made should apply to all of the schools in the district.

I am referring to the banning of cell phones and other electronic devices on school property. Why does it only apply to Beaty? These devices are used abusively in all of the schools. I have seen first hand (many times) when an assignment is given that requires an Ipad and when you go and observe the student at their desk, they are playing games.

Many students are getting nothing out of the subject at hand because they have their face buried in one of these devices. Or, they have earphones on and are doing something else on a smartphone or something similar.

I think this is a good policy but it needs to apply to the entire district. The main problem I see is that the school office is going to get hit hard with students wanting to use the phone or taking phone calls from student families. I have been told many times that the office either does not take the call personally and has a recording played or that they do not return the phone call. So some solutions will have to be worked out to help the office people that have to deal with this. The ban on these devices in the school is a step in the right direction but does not institute this policy in only one school. It needs to be implemented at all of the schools due to the high rate of abuse of these devices.


Barry Keller,



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