Political theater

Dear Editor,

Days of Democrats sobbing with the thoughts of the constitution being violated and the founding fathers rolling over in their graves as one after another the Dems paraded immigrant stories before the TV audience have me reaching for my small collection of books on the subject of the adoption of the document suddenly sacred to these liars.

The reason Trump was elected escaped them. They don’t get it yet. They insult half the country and are so full of themselves they actually recoil in horror at being beaten. Again, they want to ignore the constitution which gave all states power, not the biggest heap of people easily controlled.

Their hero Hamilton actually wanted no states and an all-powerful central government with a near monarch president for life.

The founders may be roiled. At the idea of foreigners being given citizens rights at the expense of the citizens. At the abuse of power by one of the houses of government. And I don’t mean Executive. The senate exists in part as a stabilizing body to be sure the house of two-year newcomers doesn’t kill the republic, and worse, 40-year members who’ve proved they cant make things work.

So far, the Dems proved they are totally partisan and not patriots at all. They gave Trump one more right to brag. He’s the third President in history to be ineffectually impeached.

His slogan may change upon being elected for a 2nd term. From the dreaded idea of making and keeping America great to…

“NYANYANYANYAYA !” I hope it fits on a hat.

RL Morrison,



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