It’s cold outside

Dear Editor,

Once again, cold winter weather is upon us and, once again, people choose to let their pets outside to manage the best they can on their own.

Today, as we arrived home, a beautiful male cat jumped into our car when we opened our car door. He was very cold and very afraid. We have seen him before when he got trapped in our garage for several days looking for warmth from the cold. He also has climbed under my husband’s car that is parked outside looking for warmth.

Since we have a cat of our own we could not take him inside but knew we could not leave him outside to freeze for another day. He had no collar or tags, so we had no other choice than to take him to Paws Along the River where we knew he would be able to get warm and have food. We were happy to leave a donation to help pay for his food and hope he will find a good home that will love and care for him.

I find it intolerable that people who want to have a cat or dog make the assumption that it is acceptable to let them outside to fend for themselves. Thank goodness our laws have changed regarding cruelty. Ignorance is no excuse for this kind of treatment of animals, but I guess people’s stupidity will always exist.

Please do not have an animal if you can’t provide it a warm, safe environment with food, water, and love. Cats and dogs only want the same things humans want.

Please be kind to your furry friends and, if you can’t, please find another home for them that can provide for them the quality of life they deserve.

Jean Engstrom,



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