Global warming

Dear Editor,

OK, finally, most all Americans can now agree that we are experiencing “Global Warming” and it’s not a “Chinese Hox!” If you still have any doubts, just look at what’s happening in Venice, Italy.

So now the argument has morphed into two camps. One I call the “Evolution/God” camp where some believe that this is just part of the natural cycle and others believe it’s God’s will and part of “end of times.” Either way, there’s nothing we can do about it. We’re all doomed!

The other is the “Man did it” camp where since the 1860’s Industrial Revolution, with the increases in population, manufacturing, mining and oil production worldwide, there have been adverse effects on everything from the water we drink, air we breathe and our climate in general. Logic tells us that prior to 1860 there were no cars, planes and very few fuel-powered ships and trains to burn all these fuels we’ve sucked from the earth and put into our air. It’s hard to imagine that this would not eventually have an adverse effect on our climate.

So, the conundrum then appears to be, should we make an effort to slow or reverse the effects or just set back and accept our fate? If a doctor told you that you have cancer but we may be able to prolong or even cure you with chemo. Would you say “No,” I’ll just accept my fate!

Allan L. Gustafson,



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