Beaty trees

Dear Editor,

It has come to our attention (and Mark confirmed at Beaty today) 12-27-19, after a former Beaty student called, that the cutting of many of the Famous and Historical trees and white pines planted by Beaty Ecology Club students in the 1980s and 1990s took place.

First of all, we are distraught that the damage has been done already. Trees around schools and hospitals help people to debrief when emotionally upset. Trees curb violence in the areas where they exist. They remove carbon from the air-more need to be planted not removed! Those trees provided a windbreak for the front of the building and they cooled the area on hot days due to the shade they provide. Being near the Conewango Creek they stabilize the ground which sometimes floods. Leaves can be used as mulch. Warren prides itself on being a “Tree City” for over 25 years!

Secondly, these particular trees were all planted by Beaty students and two Eagle projects as well. The money was earned through grants and fundraisers by Ecology Club and volunteer Boy Scout efforts.

All the deciduous trees came from famous and historically significant places like:

Clara Barton-celebration of being a healer;

Woodrow Wilson commemorating the League of Nations;

Martin Luther King Jr. honoring equal rights for African Americans;

James Bartram of Philadelphia;

George Washington commemorating attack on NYC and 1,000 peace cranes were burned;

The white pines were planted for each of the tribes of the Iroquois Confederation. To us, the removal of these trees is disrespectful of these students, these people, the environment and Native Americans.

We are interested to know the cost to the Warren County taxpayer to have these cut down and to whom the wood (neatly stacked) will go? Who proposed this decision-Board of Directors or Superintendent?

It didn’t cost the taxpayer anything to have them planted with grant monies and student, scouts and teacher involvement. Everything was discussed with the administration at the time. They were doing no harm unless they posed a problem of mowing around which would be insignificant compared to their value.

Warren County School District teachers spend much time and effort in promoting care for the Earth and civic responsibility. This flies in the face of both.

Mark I. Davis, former Beaty teacher, and Karen A. Davis, former Market St. teacher, Warren


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