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Dear Editor,

The Warren Times Observer carried an article by Fundamentalist Christian Zionist Cal Thomas on Friday in which he once again put forth the tired, thoroughly debunked argument that the Jewish people have some kind of divine right to land in the Middle East. Zionism is part of a greater eschatological worldview, that sees the restoration of Israel as a sign of the end-times (this is often called “Dispensational pre-millennialism”). Christian Zionists believe that, once the geographic area in which the Israelites of the bible lived is populated by modern day Jews, and its ancient borders are secured, Christ will come again.

These strange ideas are based on a far fetched interpretation of symbolic apocalyptic language in the Book of Revelation and have no support from most biblical scholars in the mainline churches.

Internationally acclaimed Theology Professor and Church Historian, Rosemary Radford Ruether, says that “Christians in Western Europe and North America fall into two major lines of thought toward Israel… first a small but militant and influential group, associated with more fundamentalist forms of Protestant Christianity, are Christian Zionists… And a second, larger more diffuse group, whose main perspective is shaped by a desire to compensate for past Christian anti-semitism, by affirming positive ecumenical relations with Jews.” She goes on to say the problem is that Christian guilt over the Holocaust and anti-semitism has resulted in the silencing of Western Christians regarding the assault on the indigenous Palestinian population and the denial of their most basic human and civil rights. This is a view carefully nurtured by the Jewish establishment, especially in North America.

We, however, would do well to consider the comments of the Jewish social psychologist Erich Fromm, who years ago said: “If all nations would suddenly claim territory in which their forefathers had lived two thousand years ago, the world would be a madhouse.”

Neil Himber,



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