Witness intimidation

Dear Editor,

Yesterday, on November 15, 2019, I and millions of others watched in real time as our President tweeted a threat to the ousted Ambassador to Ukraine as she testified to the conspiracy to get her out of the President’s way so he would be free to bribe the new president of Ukraine to dig up political dirt on Joe Biden. In this tweet, the President disparaged her character and abilities in an obvious attempt to intimidate her and destroy her career. It was a classic bullying tactic and our President feels justified to bully openly those who are speaking out against his destructive lawlessness that damages our democracy. Ms. Yovanovitch said that the tweet felt intimidating, but she also said it will not change her desire to tell the truth.

How is it that the Republicans in the House and Senate cannot show her level of courage and her commitment to her oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution? None of them wants to lose their seat in the next election if they question or criticize Trump’s behavior as he would turn on them instantly. They do not want to face the power of his public tweets should they anger him. We are witness to the tremendous courage of the civil servants who are speaking the truth. They are wonderful role models to us and our children. As the hearing continued, I sent e-mails to our Senators Casey and Toomey and Rep. Thompson to encourage them to put their county and the Constitution over their party affiliation. Please, let your elected officials know how you feel about this president’s behavior.


Elaine M. Wiehagen,



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