Readers Speak


Dear Editor,

This letter has no political intentions and is addressed to the citizens of Warren County and those that serve them.

This year has been the worst for gnats; those little black bugs that get in your eyes, ears, hair and legs, drawing blood everywhere! We can’t have a picnic, mow the lawn, golf, hike, etc. without being eaten alive.

Do we want to improve tourism in one of our country’s finest attributes and get more people to visit? Get rid of these BUGS.

My friends came down from Rochester to golf all three courses. They were eaten alive and very disappointed.

We can advertise all we want how beautiful this area is and try to get people to visit, but once people come into contact with the outdoor conditions, no one will come back.

Our children and animals are also attacked. Playgrounds, pools, the waterways and campgrounds all are impossible to enjoy.

Whoever can address these concerns, please, please do so before another year is ruined.

I’m sending a copy of this letter to Kathy Rapp, the Commissioners, Warren’s Visiting Center, and the Erie News. It will be interesting to see if they respond.

In 2018, I called Kathy Rapp’s office and received information and a person to call. He is the statewide Black Fly Coordinator. The number I was given a year ago was 717-346-8244. Please call Mr. Doug Orr. I was told by Mr. Orr that they only spray April 30th into the first part of May. There must be some “ripples” for the water to make the spray work. As far as I can figure out, they only spray the Russell area up to the Russell bridge and down to Warren. We need them to spray up to the county line!

It is a sad day when we hope for the first frost to kill the gnats so we can enjoy fall.

I have been told that people who live around here are selling their homes to get away from this situation! Very SAD! It is time to worry about keeping the citizens here before getting tourists to come!!

Yours respectfully,

Judith Larson,