Impeachment of a country

Dear Editor,

President Trump is not being impeached and will not be. He will be reelected by the greatest landslide in history in both the electoral college and the popular vote in 2020. Our country is being impeached, along with the constitution, our culture, the existence of truth, equal justice, innocent until proven guilty, true gender science, rule of law, and most of all, each and every one of us. All by anonymous embedded Obama deep state plants still working vigorously to overthrow Trump, not because of who he is, only because they lost. Anyone else in this country that may have defeated them would have been treated just as unfairly, being lied about constantly and accused of something new every day for over three years. Nothing has been proven but his innocence. That is the definition of insanity.

These delusional illusions that are being created by Nutty Nancy and Adam Bull Schiff are only a campaign (illegal) attempt to remove or discredit him. If they can’t remove him from office, they know they can’t defeat him in a fair election. They lost in 2016 with every Obama intelligence agency working and conspiring against Trump. Their backup plan to not removing him is their hope that they can, with the help of the media lying constantly, create and embellish these continual delusional illusions all based on anonymous fake whistleblowers.

This is the last act in a sick attempt to overthrow our country by the deep state, which has been throwing infantile tantrums daily since Trump announced his candidacy. All to cover up what they have been doing. They have been doing everything they accuse Trump of doing. When you lie every day for over three years, you then create a full-time cover-up job and a constant need to keep those lies circulating while never telling the truth. Only their composed truth with the help of the media keeps them going.

So much more to ask and say, so I will save for another day. On second thought, I would love one of our learned liberals to answer just one question for me now: When the Obama administration (including Hill-lie-ary) sold 20% of our uranium to Russia, was there any quid pro quo, and wouldn’t it be nice to see transcripts of those communications? Obama said to a Russian representative, “tell Vlad that, after my re-election, I will have more flexibility.”

Jeffrey L. Carlson,



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