Election Day

Dear Editor,

There were certainly many serious problems with the November 5 election which obviously must be fixed before the next round, but I can state that at the Warren Central voting location (Courthouse), everything went as smoothly as could be. The new machines worked perfectly; one ran out of paper near the end, but that was remedied in 5 minutes. We poll workers were all satisfied with the process, but more importantly, the voters had no more problems than under our former system. Some were mildly perplexed about the paper ballot, but once they understood it, many expressed approval of getting their results so they could see them and then deposit ballots themselves.

I believe that the main reason our operation worked so well is simple: We have always had two voting machines and we had two this time. Our pace was just as it always had been; we had a couple of small bunch-ups, but no more than usual. There MUST be more machines the next time, whatever other problems need to be addressed.

Large bouquets to my super poll-worker crew, Amber, Kevin, and Sally. I’ll gladly work with you any time!


Dr. Karen L. Black,


Election Judge, Warren Central


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