A time of need

Dear Editor.

Where do I begin? I have cried for hours over a small community such as ours to help me through a time of need.

When I found out I had cancer, I cried, but not nearly as much as knowing we have such a giving community, always helping people who have times of trial.

I know when we lost our daughter, I knew there could be nothing worse than losing a child. Then, when I found out I had cancer, that could mean my 10-year-old son could be losing his mom. Well, from that moment on, it was time to put on my fighting shoes and beat this cancer.

I am doing well most days. I won’t lie, it is a fight, but one I am willing to give my all.

I just want to thank each and every one of you for your help, strength and prayers. I feel like I receive a card in the mail every other day just reminding me I am not alone in this fight and that means the world to me.

This community has the biggest hearts of all the cities out there. Scouting has taught my son and myself that it is better to get out in our community and help those in need. Even if it is something little, it means a lot to the person you are helping.

Thanks to all the people who came out to my benefit. I will truly remember the extra mile you have walked for me. Thanks to my family and friends who help make certain the things that need done get done. Thanks to some special people who have sent monies for Peyton’s Christmas. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The Joan Reist Family


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