A defining moment

Dear Editor,

With the impeachment process now formally underway and gaining momentum, it is crucial to fully grasp the central issue now facing America: is a President above the law and able to do whatever he or she wishes with no consequences or accountability?

If so, then our constitutionally-limited democratic republic will no longer exist, and will be replaced by an autocracy (structured rather like a monarchy) where one person wields absolute power.

So, in light of Mr. Trump’s demonstrated behaviors over the course of his presidency thus far, here are a few questions desperately needing to be answered.

Is it acceptable for a President to request help from foreign powers (e.g., Russia, Ukraine, China) to “dig up dirt” on his domestic political opponents in order to help him get elected or re-elected? Is it appropriate to pressure them (e.g., by withholding military aid already approved by Congress) to do so?

Is it acceptable to weaponize and use presidential powers to obstruct investigations into his actions?

Is it proper to “stonewall” Congress with regard to their constitutionally mandated oversight efforts? Is it appropriate to viciously attack and “smear” political opponents and critics in order to undermine them and ultimately have them removed from their positions so that they are no longer a threat?

Is it really okay for a President and his family to utilize his office to reap financial profit?

This list could go on, but these are some of the most critical issues now facing America.

Fortunately, our founders realized that the greatest risk to our democracy would most likely come from within, and thus devised this extraordinary system of three equal branches of government providing checks and balances upon each other, with impeachment included as a last resort remedy for dealing with an executive branch and President spinning out of control as it attempts to quash the powers of the other two branches in its efforts to seize total power.

Regardless of the final outcome of this impeachment process, ultimately the American people will have their say and decide what kind of America they want this nation to be by exercising their right to vote. May we all choose wisely, basing our decisions on factual information and not the untruths and targeted disinformation offered by a narcissistic sociopathic con man, his henchmen, and any foreign powers working on his behalf to serve their own purposes. Again.

America desperately needs us all to rise to the occasion, to put country over party, and to do the right thing for our great nation at this crucial and historic choice point.

Respectfully submitted,

Dale E. Buonocore,