Why Vote on Nov. 5

Dear Editor,

Yes, the political news is disconcerting, depressing and demoralizing but don’t let it get you to give up and not go to the polls from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, November 5th.

1) The local election and selection of people for City Council, County Commissioner, Township Supervisors, Pennsylvania judges are the leaders who have the most impact on your lives and those of your family.

Some of them are the ones who oversee where the Federal and State funds are distributed in our City and County. Whether it is street (liquid fuels) and infrastructure building or repair (TSA), mental health services, children and youth, Veterans Affairs, fire, sheriff, emergency management and police protection, prison oversight, probation, domestic relations, voter registration among other impactful parts of our lives, these elected officials budget your taxe$ and affect your life at some point.

2) The people you elect for local offices will gain the experience and expertise to go on to be effective leaders in the state or nation in the future.

3) Finally, it is the most patriotic thing to do! Don’t wave the flag and dedicate bridges and park monuments to our fallen and living veterans when they gave their service and some gave their lives to keep our democracy intact.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Davis,