Warren Generating Station

Dear Editor,

The Thursday, October 24 paper had two front-page articles about our Warren County environment. The column on the Trails at Jakes Rocks (TAJR) noted the trail is now rated the number one mountain bike trail in Pennsylvania. Warren County Visitors Bureau Executive Director Dave Sherman stated the Warren area is “a destination … for those who enjoy nature.” He also mentioned the many more kayaks and canoes on our waterways. In fact, our area is a treasure for hikers, bikers, skiers, snowmobilers, hunters, fishermen, campers, canoers, kayakers, fishermen, etc.

The second column reported the Warren Generating Station’s request that the DEP renew their permit to discharge coal ash leachate into our Wild and Scenic Allegheny River. This leachate contains many dangerous, carcinogenic and radioactive components including mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. This endangers us, our fish and wildlife plus all towns and residents downstream.

There was a time when we treated our precious rivers and creeks as sewers to dispose of our own and industrial waste. Surely we know and can demand better now.

Our commissioners have requested a public hearing with the DEP. Please watch for an announcement of the meeting and attend. Also consider writing to:

Justin Dickey

Permits Chief

DEP Environmental Engineer Manager

Clean Water Program

Northwest Regional Office

230 Chestnut Street

Meadville, PA 16335

Or email Mr. Dickey at judickey@pa.gov

Or call 814-332-6648


Diane Brant,