Starbrick traffic light

Dear Editor,

My letter to the editor is not one of complaint, but one of gratitude.

Last month, I was training with my O&M instructor through Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services on trailing safely so that I may go fishing at the boat launch in Starbrick. As we approached the light, I found the button to change the light so I could safely cross. The light didn’t function properly nor was it safe to cross when it did change because it only stayed red for a few seconds, which made it impossible to cross. So, upon my return home, I called the township office and left a message with my concerns. The next business day, I received a return email asking for time of incident, what intersection, etc. A day or so later, my wife noticed that the light was functioning properly and, the following day, I received a follow-up call from the township assuring the light has been repaired, the repair person had got on it immediately, and had to get some parts but would fix it quickly, and it was even stated that it was made ADA compliant.

So, in closing, I would personally like to thank Conewango Twp. on taking the matter seriously and repairing it promptly. I am sincerely thankful.

Roger D. Sullivan,



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