Power of the people

Dear Editor,

As of 10/19, our rights as citizens have been violated on a consistent basis. Our government for we the people is and has been influenced by money that creates power. Therefore, our elected officials that govern our once great country is not and has not been us people since (never?)

Our elected officials have to be held accountable.

They say we’re here for our constituents, what they really mean is we have to take care of our donors.

We the people have to make our elected officials answer to us. The way to do this is to organize to have all our community groups join together to use our collective as the power of our once great country.

How can this be done, there are many, many activist groups across our country. To have the leaders and the representatives of these active groups plus watchdog groups. To organize as one collective, we need the strength of these already activist groups (they keep their autonomy) to become a force of nature to be reckoned with.

Our leaders will be trusted servants, we will be self -supporting through our own contributions.

We are the melting pot of the world, we will brew of influence, to take control of our voted officials, to take control of our rights as “we the people.”

We must lay down our differences, for we are the ingredients of the melting pot.

Each community will stay active in their individual causes.

We have nothing to prove, our collective actions will speak, for we are the power of the people.

I am anti-Trump and very pro-choice.

“Words without action is just words.”

Dan Tomassoni,


P.S. Number one on our bucket list is to clean out the… White House. Number two, to have our say in how our federal and state governments are run, have the influence and power to be the constituents that our constitution was written for.

“United” we the people.


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